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Make money

Earn money doing what you love without compromising your content, style, or authenticity.

Access to great brands

Access to great brands

Fluvip matches you with great brands that are passionate about the same things that you are.

Free demographic and analytics Free

Demographics and analytics

FREE access to your demographics and analytics and get to know your audience better.

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What is an influencer?

Influencers are content creators and storytellers. People who creates valuable blog or social media content.

Why the name? Because the content they generate attracts loyal followers who are searching for inspiration, instruction, entertainment, or advice. Engaging followers in this way gives you the power to move them to action.

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Celebrity Celebrity

Celebrities are well known individuals who are characterized by huge following; partnering with them could massively expand network reach.

Professional Professional

Known primarily for their area of expertise. Their purpose is essentially to educate others around a certain message or industry.

Citizen Citizen

An average person motivated by his passion and interest around a topic. These everyday influencers, are the largest and most accessible group.

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David Zoro

Thanks to FLUVIP I have the opportunity to work with great brands creating content in a professional and automatic manner.

David Zorro Influencer